The Marlowe Family – life in Lower Slower Delaware

Christmas List – 2013

Though I have much more than I need, people want to buy me more stuff.  It’s difficult to respond humbly to this kind of attention, but I try my best.  : )  Here are some items that would be great gifts for me this Christmas.

1.  Ladder rack for my 2001 Ranger (it’ll come in handy for hauling kayaks and windsurfing boards)

something like this or this (although I’m not positive they’ll fit)

2.  A truck to put the ladder rack on.

I’m not picky, but a 4 door Nissan or Toyota would be great.

3.  Fuel $$ for flying  (current price for 100LL here)  The Cherokee burns 10 gallons per hour.

4.  40 S&W ammo and/or 22LR ammo

5.  A soldering station.  like this or this or this or this

6.  A new 10″ saw blade for my mitre saw, something with a lot of teeth on it, usually labeled “crosscut”

7.  A DIY lasik kit

8.  Another knife I don’t really need (but you can never have too many knives).  I just picked this photo quickly as a representative of the kind of knife I don’t need.

9.  This one isn’t really for me, but maybe kind of.  Batteries for Meranda’s PowerWheels car.  Then I don’t have to keep using my tool battery pack to run her car.  2 pack on amazon

10.  Allen socket set on special at Lowes.  (either metric, standard, or both)

11.  Finish nailer – nothing fancy.

No green socks please

Thanks for looking and shopping.


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