The Marlowe Family – life in Lower Slower Delaware



Now that the weather is warming up here in the southern hemisphere, I am enjoying ice cream again.  This year I have to share with my little mooch.  She LOVES ice cream.  Along with chocolate, cookies, candy, and anything else she does not need to be eating a lot of.


More Pictures

I haven’t posted many new pictures of Meranda recently, so I’m catching up.  Enjoy the pictures!

Shopping in Dover with Aunt Hannah


Meranda love my cordless tools (they have lights on them)



Meranda loves to look out the window.


Meranda's first pizza from Louie's at the boardwalk, she loved it!

I like pizza!

She loved Louie's Pizza

Uncle Bob and I dressed Meranda up in style. Oh yah.


We’ve had WAY more snow than normal this winter. The last week has brought record amounts of snow to Delmarva.  Here are a few pictures.

Guess how much shoveling she did.

Meranda loves being outside, even when it’s cold.

We went to the Lewes Beach and saw a lot of ice and snow

Another Move

Time to change rentals.  We’re getting better at packing and moving our stuff, but it’s not something we really want to be good at.  We moved on a Thursday due to some bad weather forecasted – which turned out great, because the bad weather turned out to be the beginning of “Snowmageddon” here on Delmarva.

Meranda was so cute when we were emptying out the house, she LOVES looking out windows.


Great help came at just the right time

Another First

We Love going to the annual Lewes Hospitality night – free food, great music, and even free money!  Meranda did great and loved santa’s beard.



It’s A Girl!!


Meranda Kate Marlowe was born at 8:07 pm on May 4th.  She tipped the scales at 8 lbs and was 21 inches long.  We’re both amazed that we’re parents now (you’d think the 9 months would have been plenty of time for that to sink in).  Bethanne’s water broke on midnight and we were at the hospital by 2:30 am on May 4.  The labor had to be encouraged with a bit of “pit” and began at about 9 am.  11 hours later, after a very long labor, Meranda was born.  She’s got a very functional set of lungs and vocal cords that we’re glad she doesn’t use very often.  We were constantly reminded of this text throughout the day: I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.   Psalm 139:14

Here are a few pictures,  I hope to post a few videos here soon.


Before labor started, we were both happy and excited (no idea wed still be there with no baby over 12 hours later)

Before labor started, we were both happy and excited (no idea we'd still be there with no baby over 12 hours later)

Meranda meets mommy (outside the belly)

Meranda meets mommy (outside the belly)


Meranda and Daddy

Meranda and Daddy

Meranda looking at Aunt Hannah

Meranda looking at Aunt Hannah

We’re so glad Aunt Hannah came down to help us with things after the delivery.  Meranda can’t wait to meet Uncle Matze and Aunt Marybeth and the rest of her family.



Bethanne loves her New Mommy shirt

Bethanne loves her "New Mommy" shirt




Bringing her home!

Bringing her home!

After 56.5 hrs at Beebe Hospital, were finally home!

After 56.5 hrs at Beebe Hospital, we're finally home!

Meranda is sleeping in my arms as I finish this blog entry, she slows down my typing, but it doesn’t seem to bother me.  She likes listening to Sovereign Grace music with her daddy and hearing about our Refuge and Strong Tower, our good Shepherd, and other great truths from His Word.  She is a precious gift from God, for which we are very grateful.

Happy Birthdays

Bethanne and Marybeth had birthdays recently.  And then there was a housewarming gift a little late in coming.  Enjoy the pictures. Mary was very excited about her new jacket. A little scared, but a lot excited. Photobucket Any guesses to what Matze is doing? I think he’s just posing.






Photobucket Haley was very helpful and Bethanne somehow managed to go to the Pottery Barn outlet without spending the gift card! I was shocked. Photobucket And we discovered Haley’s new love for standing on windowsills. Photobucket