The Marlowe Family – life in Lower Slower Delaware


Thoughts on Church

Today at church, the pastor’s voice went out and one of the elders finished the sermon in his place.  He did a great job considering he was preaching from someone else’s notes.  I value being a part of a body of Christ that has more than one capable and qualified leader to share God’s Word.  Both the church I attend here in Santiago and my home church in Delaware have several men who could preach on a moments notice and do it well.  It is a mark of a solid church with good leadership.  I have known ministries which would be incapable of continuing if the pastor’s voice went out.  If the pastor is away, churches without solid leadership  have to bring in someone from outside the church to preach (nothing against guest speakers,  necessity is the point here).  Good churches are constantly training and equipping people for the work of the ministry.  Good churches reproduce themselves in this way.


Ghetto Grill

Last month we had a little cookout planned for dinner over a holiday weekend.  There is a nice brick grill we can use at the school.  However, when we were ready to start the grill, there was a large church group using the grill and field area.  So I grabbed some bricks, the oven rack, and made my own.  Nothing like a Weber, but it worked.


T4G 2010 Together 4 the Gospel Conference

After only 16 hours of traveling, I am resting in Kentucky ready to kick off a great conference later today.  You can keep up with the events of our little group at the youtube channel, sussexbiblevideo  link

We had an interesting ride here, complete with flying muffins, close calls, a great meal in Paris, and a little car sick treat compliments of Will Green.

Here are some pictures I took along the way – I was not exactly fast getting the camera ready, so many great photographic opportunities were missed, but these will do.

We stopped in Paris for a late dinner on our way to Louisville. The meal at the headquarters for Saddleheart Ranch was fantastic.

are we there yet?

over 7,000 in attendance, it sounded awesome when we sang

Sam Harbin walked in a little late one evening during a session by Ligon Duncan.

some of the younger ones in our group couldn't stay awake until they found their hotel room, they dropped in the hotel hall.

Books Books Books

20 free books X 7,000 in attendance = 140,000 books given away last week at T4G!

Group Shot

Going to Chile!

The Marlowes are headed to Santiago Chile in a month!  We plan to leave the last week of April to pursue an opportunity and need that God has made us aware of.  Duane Cross, a missionary friend of ours called me several weeks ago and asked us to come down and help fill a pressing short term need at the Christian School in Santiago.  After God rearranging some things in our hearts and lives, we said yes.  So we will be gone from May – December.

We are just now getting vital information form the ABWE office (Association of Baptists for World Evangelism, the mission board we are going under).  We don’t have much time to raise the support we need to make this happen, so it will be exciting to see how God provides and brings the glory to Himself.

We will use this blog while we’re on our way and in Chile to keep everyone informed.  We all know the main reason anyone looks at the blog is to see pictures of Meranda, so we’ll be sure to have lots of those as well.

Please keep us all in prayer.  There are a LOT of things that need to take place and only 4 weeks for them all to get done.


Snow Video

The snow has almost all melted (only about 8″ to go) and I just got around to finishing the video.  I’m not as fast at production as WJAN or Grif.

Snow Days

What do you do when you have a lot of snow that you aren’t used to?  When you don’t have a sled for your daughter and all the local stores are sold out?  That’s right, you make one!  I made a “Snowler” one afternoon.  A combination sled/stroller.  It slides on a pair or repurposed water skis that Bethanne usually uses as decorations in the summer.

I also had a great thought cross my mind as I was cleaning out the garage and moving my windsurfing gear.  I bet the board would slide on snow.  Well, later the next day, I was out Snow Sailing at the Eagles Crest Airport (didn’t have to worry about planes landing with over 2 feet of snow on the runway).

Steve tried it with his skis, but it was really hard to hold the sail and the wind was slowing down.


We’ve had WAY more snow than normal this winter. The last week has brought record amounts of snow to Delmarva.  Here are a few pictures.

Guess how much shoveling she did.

Meranda loves being outside, even when it’s cold.

We went to the Lewes Beach and saw a lot of ice and snow