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Christmas List – 2013

Though I have much more than I need, people want to buy me more stuff.  It’s difficult to respond humbly to this kind of attention, but I try my best.  : )  Here are some items that would be great gifts for me this Christmas.

1.  Ladder rack for my 2001 Ranger (it’ll come in handy for hauling kayaks and windsurfing boards)

something like this or this (although I’m not positive they’ll fit)

2.  A truck to put the ladder rack on.

I’m not picky, but a 4 door Nissan or Toyota would be great.

3.  Fuel $$ for flying  (current price for 100LL here)  The Cherokee burns 10 gallons per hour.

4.  40 S&W ammo and/or 22LR ammo

5.  A soldering station.  like this or this or this or this

6.  A new 10″ saw blade for my mitre saw, something with a lot of teeth on it, usually labeled “crosscut”

7.  A DIY lasik kit

8.  Another knife I don’t really need (but you can never have too many knives).  I just picked this photo quickly as a representative of the kind of knife I don’t need.

9.  This one isn’t really for me, but maybe kind of.  Batteries for Meranda’s PowerWheels car.  Then I don’t have to keep using my tool battery pack to run her car.  2 pack on amazon

10.  Allen socket set on special at Lowes.  (either metric, standard, or both)

11.  Finish nailer – nothing fancy.

No green socks please

Thanks for looking and shopping.


For Sale: 1971 PA28-140 Piper Cherokee Affordable Ownership

UPDATED INFO:  You may have noticed that his plane has been for sale for quite a while.  To be honest, I haven’t been very aggressive in selling the plane. Frankly I like having it.  However, the rising cost of fuel has pushed recreational flying out of my means.  The plane must go.  Make my loss your gain.  I made a few mistakes in the specs I listed previously – they have been corrected and the price adjusted appropriately.

I bought this to learn to fly and now you can do the same.  584FL is a basic, reliable Cherokee.  Make her yours for only $29,000 – now $27,000

Basic Info:

  • TT:  4,816
  • SMOH: 860
  • Last annual:  June 2013!
  • Compressions:  77 / 76 / 78 / 77
  • Transponder check – June 2013
  • ELT batteries replaced – June 2013
  • Useful Load: 858.5
  • CG: 85.4


  • Paint:  8/10
  • Interior: 9/10  (New leather seat covers, airtex carpet and side panels)
  • Glass: 9/10
  • Engine Compartment: 8/10  it was cleaned and painted before most recent annual – it looks great!  Pictures coming soon.

Avionics:  Narco Mark 12D; Narco AT 150 transponder w/encoder

Standard instrument arrangement, T-throttle, complete logs, all AD’s complied with, shoulder harness for front two seats, auto fuel STC

Comes with an old but functional exterior cabin cover, all three wheel pants, and portable 4 place intercom.  I may even throw in an “Anywhere Map” portable GPS unit with the sale if you’re interested.

Hangered since purchased.

New windshield – 02

New cabin glass – 01

Painted in 95

Engine removed and overhauled in 95

Plane located near Georgetown Delaware.

Call or post comment below for questions or to schedule a showing (comments and emails will not be public). MAKE ME AN OFFER!


click to view the entire picture album

click here for an updated photo album

New Interior!

Leather seats

This picture is from just after I returned from passing my checkride – a great day!

The wing tips are the worst part of the exterior paint. They are stable and have not been a problem at all.

The right wing tip. The fiberglass is solid, but the paint has hairline cracks through it.

Nice clean blue and white paint scheme.

Belly, just cleaned. Come and visit the plane to see how clean the engine runs.

The external power port comes in handy when you forget to turn off the master.

The stabilator

The instruments are laid out in the standard arrangement.

The VOR works great. The loran is inop. The transponder and radio are basic and reliable.


We had a fantastic Christmas and enjoyed time with family celebrating the birth of our great Savior Jesus Christ.  Here are a few pictures.  You can see the online album here.

Meranda enjoyed opening gifts, even if they weren't for her.

Haley got a toy guitar with a headworn microphone that plays "I'm a Barbie Girl." Bethanne really enjoyed playing with it. She is a natural musical artist.


Back in the States!

We have arrived safely in Pennsylvania.  Meranda was a terrific passenger and slept most of the way home.  We are adjusting to the cold weather and enjoying spending time with family before the holidays.

So far the re-adjustment to American culture has been quite easy.  It was amazing how quickly we made it through the checkout line in Walmart earlier today.  The lines at stores move incredibly slow in Santiago.

Spirit Falls – Cascada de las Animas

December 8 is a national holiday here in Chile.  Immaculate Conception day is a Roman Catholic holiday which celebrates their belief that the Virgin Mary was born free of sin.  We took advantage of the holiday to travel an hour outside Santiago into the Maipo River Valley just Southeast of the city.  The sights were fantastic and we enjoyed our time at Cascada de las Animas, a park with a restaurant, grills, picnic tables, a zip line over the river, hiking, a pool, white water rafting, and many other things.  We enjoyed our lunch at the restaurant and Meranda took a nap by the pool.  The highlight of my time there was the 1.5 hour hike to see the waterfalls.  Bethanne did the hike in flip flops! (because I forgot to tell her to bring shoes)  I carried Meranda in a back pack carrier and she loved it!  Here are many  pictures of our day in Cajon del Maipo, read the rest of the page to see them all.



Our view during lunch


The December Newsletter is Published!

You can see our latest newsletter online here:

Bad Hair Day

Meranda - just woke up from her nap.

more pictures of Meranda in the rest of the post