The Marlowe Family – life in Lower Slower Delaware


Special Message For Duane Cross

This video is a digital get well card for Duane Cross from many of the students at SCA.  Mr. Cross has been away from SCA almost an entire month as he recovers from back surgery.  We hope to see you soon Mr Cross!


Swingin’ Birthday

Eat the Cake

Birthday Video

Here is a little video of Meranda getting into the birthday party spirit.

Walking Video

It has taken me a while, but here is a video of Meranda learning to walk.  She has improved a lot over the last week, but still has to finish up a few requirements before she is licensed to step away from things.

Snow Video

The snow has almost all melted (only about 8″ to go) and I just got around to finishing the video.  I’m not as fast at production as WJAN or Grif.

Peek a boo

I was hanging a curtain in Meranda’s room, so I put her in the crib sitting up to play while I was working.  When I looked over at her later, she had her blanket over her head waiting for me to “find” her.  Too cute.  She is a little sick and her eyes are puffy as she’s fighting off a slight fever.  And she’s still this cute.  Quite the “gold baby” as some of our friends call her.  The video was taken on my blackberry, so the quality isn’t the greatest.