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For Sale: 1971 PA28-140 Piper Cherokee Affordable Ownership

UPDATED INFO:  You may have noticed that his plane has been for sale for quite a while.  To be honest, I haven’t been very aggressive in selling the plane. Frankly I like having it.  However, the rising cost of fuel has pushed recreational flying out of my means.  The plane must go.  Make my loss your gain.  I made a few mistakes in the specs I listed previously – they have been corrected and the price adjusted appropriately.

I bought this to learn to fly and now you can do the same.  584FL is a basic, reliable Cherokee.  Make her yours for only $29,000 – now $27,000

Basic Info:

  • TT:  4,816
  • SMOH: 860
  • Last annual:  June 2013!
  • Compressions:  77 / 76 / 78 / 77
  • Transponder check – June 2013
  • ELT batteries replaced – June 2013
  • Useful Load: 858.5
  • CG: 85.4


  • Paint:  8/10
  • Interior: 9/10  (New leather seat covers, airtex carpet and side panels)
  • Glass: 9/10
  • Engine Compartment: 8/10  it was cleaned and painted before most recent annual – it looks great!  Pictures coming soon.

Avionics:  Narco Mark 12D; Narco AT 150 transponder w/encoder

Standard instrument arrangement, T-throttle, complete logs, all AD’s complied with, shoulder harness for front two seats, auto fuel STC

Comes with an old but functional exterior cabin cover, all three wheel pants, and portable 4 place intercom.  I may even throw in an “Anywhere Map” portable GPS unit with the sale if you’re interested.

Hangered since purchased.

New windshield – 02

New cabin glass – 01

Painted in 95

Engine removed and overhauled in 95

Plane located near Georgetown Delaware.

Call or post comment below for questions or to schedule a showing (comments and emails will not be public). MAKE ME AN OFFER!


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New Interior!

Leather seats

This picture is from just after I returned from passing my checkride – a great day!

The wing tips are the worst part of the exterior paint. They are stable and have not been a problem at all.

The right wing tip. The fiberglass is solid, but the paint has hairline cracks through it.

Nice clean blue and white paint scheme.

Belly, just cleaned. Come and visit the plane to see how clean the engine runs.

The external power port comes in handy when you forget to turn off the master.

The stabilator

The instruments are laid out in the standard arrangement.

The VOR works great. The loran is inop. The transponder and radio are basic and reliable.


Flying in Chile!

I received an awesome early birthday present from my wife this last weekend (June 28).  She found someone to take me flying!  I went up in Cessna 182 Skylane.  I had a great time and enjoyed meeting a great instructor and pilot with a great love for general aviation.  Here are some pictures from the flight.  You can see very clearly how bad the smog looks from above.


Sleepy Copilot

I got a chance to go flying and took Meranda with me.  She was great!  It was her first time wearing her new ear protector muffs.  She fell asleep and didn’t wake up until I turned the engine off after it was parked.  Too cute.

And here is a shot of the sunset that Meranda and dad got to see.


I just got the pictures from the day I got my pilot’s license.  Here they are!



Ready to go

Got my wings!

After squeezing about 50 hours of training into 15 months, I am finally and officially a pilot!  On Monday, November 9, 2009 I took and passed my checkride.  The checkride is an oral and practical exam given by a designated examiner.  I started the oral exam at 9:45 and ended at about 2:15.  The practical (flying the airplane) exam lasted an hour and ten minutes.  Just after 3:30 I was getting my logbook stamped with all the official stamps and signatures!  I flew home and took my wife up for a quick spin around the pattern.

Now I’m waiting for some time and good weather to fly again.

3 Hours!

For the last few months, I’ve been encountering problem after problem with my flight training. Between my schedule, my instructor’s schedule, weather, and aircraft maintenance issues, I’ve been grounded more than not. I’ve had only three hours of dual instruction to complete in order to be prepared for my final test for my pilot’s license. It has taken a while but I finally have the three hours completed! Just a bit of studying and some practice to finish up before I take my practical test!