The Marlowe Family – life in Lower Slower Delaware


Meranda, not a fan of Santa

We were shopping yesterday after church and there was a Santa station st up – we wanted to have Meranda get a picture with him.  Meranda had other plans.

Meranda was happy before her visit with Santa.


Get me away from that guy!

What do you want for Christmas little girl?


Thanksgiving in Chile

One benefit of being a teacher at an American school in Chile is that we observe both Chilean and American holidays.  Thanksgiving is not a Chilean holiday, but we enjoyed a nice break.  The missionaries with ABWE all got together to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal and watch football.  Meranda enjoyed the time with some of her young friends.

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Christmas List

Here is my Christmas list for the Pollyanna – sorry it’s so late.  If you are not part of our family Pollyanna, I will still accept gifts from you.  I am having a real hard time coming up with things that I want.  One thing I’ve learned very well here is that I have way too much stuff.

iTunes Gift Card (are gift cards prohibited this year?)

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The run (and walk) a-thon was a fun time.  The younger students did a really impressive job.  Due to my diligent training, I ran over 6 miles!  I have run three miles about once a month since I’ve been here.  I ran 42 laps and Bethanne did 40.  Bethanne also checked on Meranda twice while running – so she did great!

Thanks to all our sponsors and the other people who contributed, the school has raised more than double its goal!

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Santiago Christian Academy is having a walk or run-a-thon this Friday.  All proceeds will help Tarissa as she raises support to serve the Lord for two years on Logos Hope.  Tarissa is a Senior who is graduating a semester early in order to begin this ministry.  Logos Hope is a ship which travels from port to port with the message of Hope in Christ.  To encourage people to come on board, Logos Hope has an immense book store, a coffee house, drama, music, and other attractions.  You can find more information about Logos Hope at their informative website here.

The school body hopes to raise $850 (USD) to help Tarissa.  This month there are several events, all of which will help reach the SCA goal.  There have already been several bake sales, every morning there is a peso drive (penny drive), today Bethanne is selling ice cream treats at lunch, and there was a jr and sr high all-nighter activity.

You can get involved in the run-a-thon by sponsoring me, Bethanne, or Meranda.  Seven laps around the soccer field is one mile.  The walking/running will last one hour.  Bethanne and I will be able to do at least four miles – which would be around 28 laps.  I would normally be able to run much farther, but since I’ll be pushing Meranda, I doubt I’ll be able to run more than 5 or 6 miles.

If you’d like to sponsor one of us, send me an email and we can work out the details.  You can sponsor us for $.50, $1 or more per lap (USD).  If you prefer, a flat donation will also be appreciated.

Mad Skills – Shopping skills of course

Bethanne found outlets in Santiago.  Many of the seasoned missionaries didn’t believe they existed.  Others doubted her.  Others still thought our lack of a vehicle might diminish Bethanne’s shopping abilities.  She overcame all obstacles to find very “American” like outlet malls in Quilicura, a northwest industrial section of Santiago.  The deals weren’t as good as you would expect to find at outlets in the States, but better than the mall prices here in Chile.  It was a hot day and the car we borrowed did not have A/C, so Bethanne cut back her normal shopping time for the sake of others.  Here is some proof.

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Missions Conference Chilean style

Last weekend was the third annual Adelphos and ABWE missions conference.  Between 400 and 500 people were on the SCA campus for the majority of the weekend.  A couple from Pennsylvania with Next Generation ministries came down to run the Children’s ministry.  A puppet team from Michigan also came down to help.  They all did a great job encouraging the children to recognize the opportunities they have now to act as missionaries.  Their desire to help and serve while they were here was very encouraging and general blessing to everyone around.

Since the whole conference was in Spanish, I didn’t sit through any of the preaching sessions.  I did enjoy singing with them (I can figure out the basic message of the songs even though I don’t understand every word).  They like their music LOUD!  We found that out when they were doing the sound tests Friday afternoon.  The school’s covered court was converted into an auditorium for the conference.  So the auditorium was less than 100 feet away from our apartment.  The music was more than loud enough for us to appreciate it inside our apartment.

Adelphos is the name of the mission board which was started by the Chilean churches as they recognized their need to respond to the Great Commission.  It was encouraging to see all the missionaries which had been sent out from Santiago! The multiplication effect of the gospel being spread through missional discipleship.   There were also many testimonies from seminary students, new believers, and those raising support.  I didn’t understand much of what they said, but their love for the Lord and their desire to serve him was communicated quite clearly.

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