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Spirit Falls – Cascada de las Animas

December 8 is a national holiday here in Chile.  Immaculate Conception day is a Roman Catholic holiday which celebrates their belief that the Virgin Mary was born free of sin.  We took advantage of the holiday to travel an hour outside Santiago into the Maipo River Valley just Southeast of the city.  The sights were fantastic and we enjoyed our time at Cascada de las Animas, a park with a restaurant, grills, picnic tables, a zip line over the river, hiking, a pool, white water rafting, and many other things.  We enjoyed our lunch at the restaurant and Meranda took a nap by the pool.  The highlight of my time there was the 1.5 hour hike to see the waterfalls.  Bethanne did the hike in flip flops! (because I forgot to tell her to bring shoes)  I carried Meranda in a back pack carrier and she loved it!  Here are many  pictures of our day in Cajon del Maipo, read the rest of the page to see them all.



Our view during lunch

Meranda enjoyed her nap by the pool - doesn't she look comfortable?

This is the view from the pool.

Maipo River

This was one of two cable bridges we crossed on our hike to see the waterfalls. Not exactly stable or solid.

Meranda and I at the first waterfall.


Pure water from a mountain spring. I didn't try it. The guide said the water was clean, but too high in minerals to use for drinking water on a regular basis.

The trail.

Waterfall #2, 30 meters


Meranda loves picking flowers, my favorite picture of the day.

Click here to see the entire online album.


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